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discussion - Cambridge and District Trades Council general discussion list

Subject: Cambridge and District Trades Council general discussion list

Description: Cambridge and District Trades Council - Discussion list

Cambs. TUC is an open and welcoming body, that advertises and supports the work of it's affiliated union branches.
We send out a regular newsletter to organisations and individuals, which helps us to do this.
It includes agendas and minutes from the monthly meetings, as well as updates from organisations that the Trades Council itself is part of, or has agreed to affiliate to.

This mailing list is for wider discussion and debate amongst our members and supporters. Feel free to contribute, but try to bear in mind the following tips;

- The list is for constructive discussion on issues relating to, or of interest to Cambs. TUC delegates.
- Please be polite, especially when referring to individuals.
- As some employers monitor incoming emails, don't use words (swearing, insults, etc.) that might cause difficulties for other delegates.
- This list can aid us to suggest ideas and discuss them, so that we come together at meetings ready to agree on actions,
but an email discussion can't replace formal decision making.
- Not everybody get emails sent to this discussion list. So if you have something really important or urgent, send it directly to the
secretary ( or another officer, so that it can also go out to all delegates.

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